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painted some wings on paper and flew

didn't touch the ground; went for a second round

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writing journal, kpop, jrock, jpop

paint wings on paper.

He wants to inspire and he wants to breathe. There’s still days cloaked heavy-cold in darkness and there’s still insanity (one time he spent three days composing – the vicious pull, cacoethes scribendi; he didn’t eat, didn’t sleep. they called it sick and they told him to get help.)

Everyone has labels to stick on shirt-pockets and hearts, ones to wear proudly and ones to hide. Tablo wonders once if he can take up idiot savant because sure, he’s got some talent but his life is falling to pieces. Another girl’s walked out and he’s not sure what to do except think – I could write a song with this shit.
Barcode [Tablo!centric]

a. the words of skylilies
  b. tinges of fandoms; hbo!war shows, kpop, etc.
    c. friending is welcomed and quite loved.

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